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Date: 30th November 2016
Tubular Heaters Making And Production Dual Column Filling Machine
JD0202 Filling machine , Mainly used for heating element industry more than 2 Meter of magnesium oxide powder filling operation processes;Functions:1.Man-machine interface control, operation and convenient control.2.Guide tube -down control in several ways, the length , time and position sensors, fall accurate location.3.Choose two procedures: the lower part can be clamped or not clamped to filling MgO powder .4.Fall powder time controllable, reduce waste.5.Guide tube delay rise when fall powder,Not yet reached the bottom of the tube while preventing MgO has left the nozzle.6.Terminal pin ejection optional , to prevent terminal pin bend.7.Follow controllable,can off follow, as a fixed oscillator to use (this feature is only for follow machine).8.Workflow monitoring equipment.9.Equipment failure prompts.10.Equipment each time data monitoring main action;11.PLC I / O point monitoring.Main technical parameter :1. Powder supply?monophase220V/50Hz?2.5kW2. Air supply?0.5?0.7MPa3. Pipe diameter??6??20?customize?4. Station?12?24pcs?according pipe diameter ,customize?5. Filling powder up speed?300?350mm/min?Adjustable Frequency?6. Oscillation mode?l Electromagnetic or motor?Optional?.l Follow up and down can be controlled fixed.7. Filling density??2.25/cm38. Core rod drive mode (drawing rising): cylinder drive.9. Guide tube-driven approach (guide tube up, down): frequency motor.10. Centering type?l Single guide tube(Nozzle?single )l Double guide tube?Jet nozzle?double?11.Control: Human Interface.12.Output?about3500/8h?according 24station 800mm calculate?13.Size:Main models :Modelpipe lengthFrame StructureSize(L*W*H)mmWeight(kg)JD0202-20800?2000Double Column1000?1200?6000950JD0202-25800?2500Double Column1000?1200?70001000JD0202-30800?3000Double Column1000?1200?80001050Our factory and work shop:Packing and shipment:OUR ADVANTAGES?1.Minimum order: 1pcs?2.Delivery time : 15days3.Quality Assurance?1year4.Service: Lifetime Service5.Service channels:Telephone communication, online video guide, e-mail feedback provided to our factory acceptance, technical training and on-site service to customers factory
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